Sutter Home Mini Bottle Boos ​

Scare Up Halloween Fun with these DIY Sutter Home Mini Bottle Boos 

Wine Varietal: Sutter Home Fruit Infusion Minis

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Our DIY Sutter Home Mini Wine Bottle Boos are for all us adults to dress up our drinks for Halloween. They make great gifts for the ghost host and party favors for your adult guests. So easy to create, too. This Halloween, when the sun goes down and the moon rises, let loose your DIY Sutter Home Mini Bottle Boos. 

What You Need to Make Boos:

  1. Wine bottles, these are minis, but you can use a large bottle too or other alcohol
  2. Pre-made Printable Tags
  3. White Tissue Paper (1/2 Sheet Per Mini Bottle Or 1 For Large Bottles)
  4. Curling Ribbon
  5. Black Sharpie Marker
  6. Scissors
  7. Hole Puncher

How to make Boos:

  • Take a piece of white tissue paper and fold it in half downward
  • Fold that half in half to the right (for a large bottle of alcohol just fold it the once). Cut it along the second folded piece.
  • Pull tissue paper piece up by the middle
  • Put the middle of the tissue paper over the center of the wine bottle.
  • Tie a ribbon around the top of the wine bottle covered with the tissue paper.
  • Tie on the printable tag to the ribbon
  • Draw a dot of black sharpie for the eye on the top part.
  • Draw the other dot eye.
  • Draw the mouth in an oval shape a little larger than the eyes, as shown.

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