Project Tiny Home

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Our Sutter Home family believes everyone deserves a place to call home, which is why we started Project Tiny Home in partnership with Operation Tiny Home. We are helping build homes for those in need, who are working toward achieving a better life.

We believe it’s not how big a home is that makes it special, it’s who you share it with. Home is more than a place you live. Home is where loved ones create memories that will last forever. Home is where the heart is.

Our Partners

Meet our Project Tiny Home team. They’re helping us rebuild people’s lives with their hands, sweat and smiles

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Grant Assistance Program

Discover how Sutter Home is helping to support those in need of housing.

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In The News

Catch the buzz that Sutter Home, Operation Tiny Home, and partners are creating.

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Meet Lexi...

Episode | 01

Meet the Inniss Family

Watch how the power of love, hope and resolve help reunite a family and rebuild their lives after Hurricane Irma.

Episode | 02

Meet Sam, the Traveling Nurse

How do we thank a traveling nurse for her fearless service and selfless sacrifice? Find out. Follow Sam’s story.

Episode | 03

Meet Lexi...

This story is dedicated to our neighbors who lost their homes in the Northern California wildfires, and to Lexi, a deserving neighbor who also lost her home but never her gift of love.

Project Tiny Home

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