Happy Days are here for the 2020 Grand Prize Winner

Happy Days are here for the 2020 Grand Prize Winner

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Just how happy was Susan Mason when she found out that her “Happy Apple Day Swiss Burger” made her the $30,000 Grand Prize Winner in our 30th Anniversary Sutter Home Build a Better Burger® Recipe Contest? Her gleeful response said it all!

“I’m on cloud nine! It feels totally surreal. Like I said, I’ve entered so many times, and this is like ‘what is going on?’ I’ve been entering this contest for over 20 years. I am so thrilled; thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. You just made my full year and life! Oh, I can’t even talk, I’m so amazed, I’m definitely going to pour myself a glass of Sutter Home and celebrate!”

Susan Mason | 30th anniversary grand prize winner

The inspiration behind the name of Susan’s winning burger has a fun story behind it.

“The third Friday of September in Switzerland is Happy Apple Day. They believe that they​ grow the very best apples. In fact, it’s the most popular fruit consumed there.


When we asked Susan what she’ll do with her $30,000 winnings, she simply said. 

“I haven’t been working for almost a year, so I may catch up on some things that need to be attended to. Do some nice things for myself! Maybe I’ll buy a new BBQ and a case of Sutter Home, hello! Thank you for making my year!”


When asked what key ingredients made her Happy Apple Burger recipe so happy, here’s what Susan told us.

“That would be hard because it is a wonderful song. It has the creamy gruyere, prosciutto, apple and that sauce is just like, it should be put in a bottle and sold. It goes so well together. It’s just such a happy burger.”


Best of all, Susan mentioned that her recipe was totally inspired serendipitously by her imaginative trip to Switzerland.

“I really enjoy doing research, and I just happened to find myself in Switzerland. I put my thinking cap on and thought about the wine pairing. As it turns out, the sweeter wine [Moscato] that I used in the sauce to round out the burger is as important as the Pinot Grigio​ that I paired with my burger. I was reading on your website on what goes well with what. The Sutter Home site gives so much information on what wines to pair with food, etc. It was a great learning experience for me as well.”


It’s so interesting how one’s travels can unexpectedly change your life in wonderful ways. We are extremely grateful and happy that Susan entered her “Happy Apple Swiss Burger!” and that she is the grand prize winner in our 30th Anniversary Build a Better Burger® Recipe Contest. We’re always hungry for new and original burger recipes and wine pairings. So, if you think you have a winning duo, please enter it next year. You never know!

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