What to do on a Perfect Summer Day

What to do on a Perfect Summer Day


It’s already mid-summer (a perfect day outside, no less), and you’ve finally exhausted the last of your impromptu summer fun sessions – you’ve gone to the amusement park, you’ve planned that delicious backyard BBQ, you’ve even planned a game night for all of your friends. But here’s one thing you’ve yet to do – A Surfside Picnic!

Of course, I know that you’ve probably been to the beach (or the lake & river which can be just as much fun) before..and obviously bringing along some snacks and a few drinks are a MUST when you go. But with a beach blow-out like this one, we can help you have twice the excitement, and three times the deliciousness!

But, wait! Before you pack your beach bag into the car along with that amazing bathing suit that you just bought (on sale, no less) and the insanely large hat that you insisted on getting, make sure you’ve got room for a few extra things:

-A fun-sized four pack of little 187 mL bottles of Sweet Red (or really whichever Sutter Home varietal your little heart desires)

-A quick and simple Caesar salad (you can throw this together in less than two minutes, cross my heart) that goes perfect with the Sauvignon Blanc or Sweet Red.

-A few pre-made grilled chicken wraps with whatever toppings you enjoy (trust me, it’s so easy your head will already be in beach-mode)

-And finally, a cooler to pack all of your scrumptious goodies.

Also, if you’re planning on staying to watch the stars come out..pack a few Hershey’s bars, marshmallows and graham can’t go wrong with s’mores. BUT if you’re planning on bringing along a bottle of Moscato, you may not even need dessert.

So don’t be discouraged because the summer season is nearing its’ end, but rather get excited about all of the end of summer fun that you’ll be having! And if you need a few more tips on what to bring to enchant those little fun-sized bottles, check out our Wine and Burger University for pairing tips.

Which fun-sized Sutter Home varietal will you be bringing along?

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