Uncork the Soul Music of Jonny P in our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine Green Room

Uncork the Soul Music of Jonny P in our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine Green Room

Bronx-born, Nashville-based, singer-songwriter Jonny P serves up some truly delicious tunes rooted in the sounds of the past, but unquestionably delivered with the contemporary flair of a modern day soul man.

Every harmonious lyric that Jonny P sings, with his smooth, milky voice, is a testament to what he devoutly believes in. “I want my record to sound like how I remember summer in the Bronx, sitting on a stoop at 7 o’clock, watching cars go by and talking to your friends, greeting neighbors. Those were the best years of my life, and if I could bring someone there, that would mean the world to me.”

Jonny P believes in the emotional, melt-your-heart power of soul. He said, “Soul music should invoke all the emotions.

If it’s a crying song, you should be bawling your eyes out. If it’s a happy song, you should be grinning from ear to ear.” We couldn’t agree more.

He is surely a young man with an old soul, yet at the same time, he is the new visionary of soul music, who is making sure soul music will stay on top of the charts.

He knew this album would be something very special when he found out that he’d be working with producer Goffrey Moore and, the mix engineer with the golden ears, Tom Elmhirst, who’s worked with Adele, Frank Ocean, and Amy Winehouse. He also knew that having drummer, James Gadson, who’s played with the likes of Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, and Herbie Hancock would give him the subtle soul beat he craved so much.

Good to You, is the promise of lifelong devotion, which is no surprise given Jonny P’s musical inspiration. “If you know anything about soul music,” he says, “you know, for sure, that it came from the church.” That’s exactly where this son of Jamaican immigrants spent much of his childhood, and that formative experience helped build the foundation for his musical career. “Being in prayer meetings and church services, I was introduced to a style of singing that comes right from the gut. You’d have people singing from their hearts, with a live band improvising on a Sunday morning, extending hymns and using music to embellish their faith. That captivated me. It showed me that music could tap into people’s emotions and help them express something in themselves.”

When Jonny P said he’d drop by and perform in our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine Green Room, we couldn’t have been more excited.

Funny thing is, when he found out we were from Sutter Home, he was equally excited. Turns out he’s a fan of ours, too.

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