Our Homemade Wine Simple Syrup Is The Easiest Way to Add A Tangy Sweet Flavor to Any Recipe

Our Homemade Wine Simple Syrup Is The Easiest Way to Add A Tangy Sweet Flavor to Any Recipe

A delicious and simple syrup made from reduced red wine is great for making a wide variety of dipping sauces—for cookies, crackers, chips, pretzels, cheeses, and anything that you love to dip. It’s a delicious addition to any cheese plate, adding some tasty, slightly tangy, and sweet flavors that will have your guests saying, “Wow, I want your recipe!”

Once you get the hang of making your own Red Wine simple syrup, you’ll want to experiment with other ways to apply the dip. Like drizzling it over ice-cream, pound cake, chicken, and steak, you’ll also most definitely be inspired to create your own salad dressing. Homemade Red Wine Simple Syrup will become your new secret ingredient to make a lasting impression.


  • 3 cups Wine of your choice
  • 3 cups Sugar

How to Make:

  1. To make wine syrup, you can use an assortment of wines.
  2. In a wide saucepan or skillet, combine the wine with sugar (a good ratio is 3 cups wine to 1 cup sugar)
  3. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat.
  4. Simmer until syrupy and reduced to about a third of the volume.
  5. Let cool, bottle, and refrigerate.

You can also simmer the wine with flavorings, such as fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, cloves, rosemary, black peppercorns, vanilla bean, or herbs of your choice. Just strain them out after cooling the syrup.

The syrup is sweet and a bit tangy, so there are countless uses for it.

  • Drizzle over fresh berries or fresh fruits
  • Drizzle into or swirl into ice cream or Greek yogurt
  • Pour on pancakes or waffles
  • Toss with roasted vegetables
  • Add to marinades
  • Whisk into salad for dressing or an addition to spice up your dressing
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