The World Cup – Perfect for Wine and Burgers

The World Cup – Perfect for Wine and Burgers

As Americans, we know you’ve all enjoyed a little football in your time..and we’re sure that you love to get your friends together, grab a few bottles of Sutter Home wine, and fire up the grill when that time comes. But who says that once football season is over the party ends?

With the summer season here, it’s time for some fútbol..and we’re not talking about the kind where you wear pads on your shoulders..we’re talking about the World Cup, baby! With 32 teams competing for the championship, that’s a lot of games and a lot of grilling time for you and your friends to grill your hearts out.

For loads of delicious grilling recipes, click over here and browse through over 5,000 recipes – we’ve got a recipe for every game. Looking for a burger with some of those Brazilian flavors to enjoy during the Portugal-Brazil game? We’ve got it! And you can pair that explosion of flavor with the taste of spicy berries and juicy pepper – Sutter Home’s Zinfandel, of course! Or maybe you’d rather chow down on an All-American burger to go with your All-American spirits – if you’re rooting for the good ‘ole USA, that is.

Let your soccer spirits come out in your food – enjoy an Asian burger or a Spanish burger to compliment the team that you’re rooting for. Or you can enjoy a duo of the delicious and juicy flavors with this flavor mosaic.

And if you’re asking yourself, “What wine goes best with that African burger again?” – check out our wine pairing tips. (By the way, try it with the Sauvignon Blanc..we would never mislead you.)

So, whether or not you’re actually in South Africa participating in one of the biggest events in the world, you sure can pretend like you are by trying all of their delicious flavors.

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Our Cookbook can help you host the most fantastic of Burger Parties!