Our Cookbook can help you host the most fantastic of Burger Parties!

Our Cookbook can help you host the most fantastic of Burger Parties!

If you’re coming to a close halt for creative party ideas, favors, foods and drinks, we know how to help you out (and we promise not to breathe a word of it to anyone)! We know that you’re usually the party queen (or king), and we’d love to help you keep that title.

Our new Burger Parties cookbook has fabulous party menus that range from hosting a Southwest fiesta to a tropical patio get-together – so no matter the occasion, we’ve got your back.

Together, Sutter Home’s executive chef, Jeffrey Starr and the Build-A-Better-Burger head judge, James McNair formulated a book with all of their ideas, culinary genius, and recipes all in one..sounds like a dynamic duo to me! Jam-packed with over 60 full color photos that look good enough to eat, and loads of party-ready menus, this cookbook is sure to get you the “Party Diva of the Year” award.

So why wait until the 4th of July or Labor Day to host the most delicious party ever? The summertime heat seems like reason enough to plan a celebration! Click over here to order your copy now, and begin your path to burger party greatness.

And if you’re not convinced quite yet, take a look at some of our teaser videos and get a little taste of some of our mind-blowing burger parties. You don’t want to miss out on becoming the chef that your friends rave about.

Video tips to help you Build a Better Burger and enter for your chance to win $100,000!

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