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The Rigs: Rise & Fall

The Rigs: Rise & Fall

We met up with The Rigs in Napa Valley’s Live in the Vineyard. Once you hear them perform their song “Rise & Fall” in our Vibe & Vibe Studio, it may sound hauntingly familiar. That’s because it is. ABC Family Television used it in the promo for the blockbuster hit “The Hunger Games.” If you’ve watched “The Hunger Games,” and listened to the storied lyrics of ​ “Rise & Fall” at the same time, you’d think they did write just for the movie. They didn’t. ​ ​

TJ and Caitlin, the explosive duet who are the Rigs, don’t perform songs, they create emotional experiences. Their lyrics captivate us, take us away on a mythical journey. In “Rise & Fall” we’re caught in an epic war, in a battle between dark and light. When The Rigs cry the song’s lyrics, “Do you hear the battle cry? If we don’t rise we fall.” We too rise and fall with them. ​ ​

The Rigs’ epic stories, unforgettable voices, and evocative melodies have so many unexpected twists and turns, you’d think you’d get lost. Yet their songs actually help you find yourself. Believe that’s the magic of their music. The intense talent and mad love TJ and Caitlin share, seems to transform even the most haunting ballad into a love song. Follow the link to experience their performance of ​ “Rise & Fall” in our Vibe & Vine Studio.

Vibe & Vine: The Rigs
Vibe and Vine
Vibe & Vine: The Rigs

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