Vibe & Vine: The Rigs

Vibe & Vine: The Rigs

If you haven’t yet heard the soulful, bluesy music of TJ Stafford and Caitlin Parrott, the firecracker couple from The Rigs who we met at Napa Valley’s Live in the Vineyard, you’re in for an emotional and melodic journey. Their songwriting style is at once hauntingly intimate and grandly cinematic — it’s like quiet thunder. ​ ​

So when Vibe & Vine asked TJ and Caitlin to break away from their crazy schedule for some wine and talk time, and they said yes, we were stoked. ​ ​

They began inking songs together in early 2014 and immediately gained the attention of major television networks with the release of their first songs. Their music has since been featured on shows like “The Walking Dead,” “True Blood,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Parenthood” and many more. Their love of music and each other will capture your heart and your imagination. Click the link below to watch the interview.

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