Sutter Home Wine Cocktail: Cuba Libre (and cocktail making tips!)

Sutter Home Wine Cocktail: Cuba Libre (and cocktail making tips!)

We’re here to offer you some easy to follow tips for making wine cocktails.

1. Don’t be intimidated! Cocktails are fun ways to change up how you drink wine. Tip: Take a cocktail you love & make wine the base or add wine to your favorite drink.
2. Have the right tools. A simple shaker, bar spoon & shot glass make all the difference. Learn more in our past blog post! Enter our contest to win $250 towards a new set of bar tools so you can show off your bartending skills.
3. Try new things. If your first idea doesn’t work, try something else! When we were making cocktails, we made some that were undrinkable. We replaced a few ingredients here and there and ended up with the fantastic drinks we’re sharing with you. (More cocktails!)
4. Use mini bottles. If you want to try a new drink recipe, buy Sutter Home 187ml mini bottles! They’re the perfect size to shake up your new drink.

Any way you mix it, making cocktails is fun, exciting and the perfect activity for a rainy weekend night at home with friends this winter. Get shakin’!

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Sutter Home Sweet Red Cuba Libre
-3 oz. Sutter Home Sweet Red
-3 oz. diet or regular cola
-Juice from one lime wedge

Squeeze lime juice into bottom of the glass. Add ice & Sutter Home Sweet Red. Stir. Add cola, garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!

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