How to Start Your Own Book Club

How to Start Your Own Book Club

Have you thought about starting a book club? Book clubs are a great way to sit back with a glass of Sutter Home with friends and enjoy the books you’ve all wanted to read. We’re here to help you kick one off!

Where should we meet? If you have a group of local friends/family/coworkers in mind for your book club, you can share hosting duties with the group (once a month at someone’s house), meet at a coffee shop or a favorite restaurant. If your group lives in different cities, go online! Try Skype or create a Google Hangout and discuss the month’s book with friends. 

How should we choose books? That’s an easy one. Read the book of the month along with us in the Sutter Home Book Club! Every month, our friends at HarperCollins help us select the perfect book.

How should we run our book club? Every group is different. Some groups get together to go over the books in detail along with thought-provoking questions. Some groups use the time to chat about the book but also catch up with each other. Each month, we provide a book synopsis, information about the author, and an entertaining tip or two. Whatever your group decides to do, there really truly is only one rule: Have fun!

What should we serve? Food: If your book club meets in the evenings at someone’s house, an easy dinner of apps or tapas is perfect. Baby quiches, flatbread, veggie platters and caprese-salad kabobs are perfect for a casual book club dinner. Put the food out on a side table or coffee table with some small plates. Wine: We recommend serving both a red wine and a white wine, but with so many Sutter Home varietals to choose from, it’s tough to pick just two. Be sure to consider what pairs best with the specific foods you’re serving, but for a tapas-style dinner with a lot of flavors, our Sutter Home Pinot Grigio and Sutter Home Merlot are perfect. Serving something spicy? Sutter Home Moscato or Riesling are a great match.

And if it’s your first Book Club meeting, why not pop a bottle of Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato to celebrate?

Do you have a book club? Post your tips in the comments below!

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