Sutter Home is Releasing a New Wine in August…Riesling!

Sutter Home is Releasing a New Wine in August…Riesling!

When I talk to people about Riesling, I describe it as the unanimously-loved white wine. It’s just one of those wines that people really enjoy. The Sutter Home Riesling has light floral characteristics and hints of ripe tropical fruits. Riesling is a well balanced wine with good acidity and a delicious hint of sweetness.

Riesling originated from the German Rhine region. Germany isn’t known for being one of the big wine-producing countries (they do make amazing beer!) but Riesling is a wine that they make that’s truly delicious.

My favorite thing about Riesling is that it pairs nicely with lots of food. Because Riesling is a very balanced wine, it can be paired with foods from spicy Asian food to classic European foods of France and Germany; I personally love pairing it with mildly-spicy Thai food.

Riesling has a very diverse and wide appeal so you can bring a bottle of Riesling to any party and you’ll definitely delight your friends.

The Sutter Home Riesling is also going to debut in a screw cap! Screw caps are very fun, incredibly convenient and becoming really hot in the wine world.

So stay on the look out for Sutter Home Riesling, coming in August!

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