Fresh From the Freezer: Strawberry & Peach Moscato Winesicles 

Fresh From the Freezer: Strawberry & Peach Moscato Winesicles 

Wine Varietal: Moscato

Growing up, summertime was always the best time, because there’s so much to enjoy. Like spending more time with family and friends, having loads of outdoor fun, and of course staying cool by enjoying ice cold pops under the hot summer sun. This cool, crisp, refreshing treat created some of the best memories, including the frosty, juicy goodness that would delight our mouths and drip down our arms. And don’t forget the multicolored tongue we’d get to stick out once the frozen pop was finished. ​

Well, to honor all those memories, we’re bringing you our own delightful adult version of these summertime pops. And we’re calling them ​Sutter Home “winesicles.” Once you make them you’ll be on your way to creating new treasured summer memories, just for the grown ups of course. ​​

With those fresh peaches and sweet strawberries blended together with delicious Sutter Home Moscato, you’ll be cooled off in no time.​ It’s one nostalgic treat that beats back heat in the most refreshing way. No glass, no fuss — just you and some Strawberry & Peach Moscato winesicles chilling out. We predict that they’ll become your most chosen frozen pops ever!

Recipe ingredients:​

3 cups Sutter Home Moscato ​

1.5 cups fresh peaches

1.5 cups fresh strawberries

You will also need:​

Ice Pop Molds ​​


Slice strawberries and peaches and add to blender, along with Sutter Home Moscato. ​

Blend until pureed. Wait a few minutes for foam to settle, then pour the mixture into a popsicle mold. ​

Freeze for four hours or until frozen. Serve and enjoy.

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