Meet the Bond Family

Meet the Bond Family

When a global pandemic turned their lives upside down, the Bond family persevered and found a lifestyle filled with abundance and joy.

“To Sutter Home – thank you so much for believing in our family and listening to our story. I’m really excited for this journey we’re about to take and it’s great you’re a part if it.” -Lindsay Bond

A global pandemic turned this family’s life upside down after Chapin Bond was laid off from his job as an Engineer in 2021. The family had just birthed their first child and no longer had a steady income to support their growing family. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for them to follow their dream of becoming tiny home owners. Throughout the journey of building their tiny home during a global pandemic, there were many obstacles. “We had to wait 19 weeks just to get a toilet!” said Lindsay Bond. While the pandemic did bring about challenges it also brought many positives. Chapin Bond had the opportunity to stay at home full time and watch their son grow up. Something that might not have been possible for him before. Family has always been important to the Bonds. They were lucky enough to be gifted a place to build their home on “Nana and Papa’s” property. With the help of Project Tiny Home, the family is building their dream home that will “fit them like a glove.”


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