Make your life easier with our NEW iPhone App!

Make your life easier with our NEW iPhone App!

We know that your life is crazy busy. You come home every evening from work wishin’ and hopin’ that the housework had magically finished itself. (I’ll ask my fairy godmother to get to work on that!)

Fairy godmothers may be a fairytale, after all, but we’ve got just the thing to help you simplify your trips to the store. Our new iPhone app. – Build A Better Grocery List.

Now, how are we gonna do it? We’ll tell you! (Did you think we’d just leave you high and dry like that?)

Get to shopping! Organize a grocery list according to YOUR budget
– So what about that pasta recipe that your girlfriend made at a party last week? View past lists or share your list with a friend (gosh, that sure does make it easier)
Turn up the heat! This app has a burger database for all sorts of burger fun – we’ve got tons of recipes and ingredients so that you can plan your meal right from the store (no more running home to grab the list you forgot on the table)
Game night! With our Burger personality quiz you can entertain yourself in those long, annoying lines.
– So what’s for dinner? The perfect wine and food, of course. We’ve got food and wine pairings right to your phone – Not sure what wine goes with that pasta dish? Just get out your iPhone!
Tip Calculator – ‘nuff said
Organize it! Club Membership cards take up way too much room – store all of your member cards in one easy location (no more cards piling in your wallet!)
Write it down! With all of your notes in one easy-to-use application, you can jot important things down in a hurry and be able read ‘em later

Ah, life was never this easy.

And after you get all of the groceries put away (the worst part!), celebrate the little victories by grabbing a bottle of Sutter Home Sweet Red. You deserve it, right?

Which Sutter Home varietal do you pop open to celebrate the end to your day?
Let us know what you think of the app and what you think we should add to it!

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