A Summer Engagement – Perfection!

A Summer Engagement – Perfection!

So he just popped the big question. The initial thought that popped into your head right before you said “Yes!” was, “Thank goodness he didn’t ask during winter.” After all, summer is (of course) the best time to throw any party – especially the one that you’re going to look back on for the rest of your life together! With warm weather and cute sundresses, how can you go wrong?

Now we know that engagement parties can sometimes be stressful, but this is supposed to be your evening, right (well, you and the fiancé of course)? So don’t worry! Sit back and relax – we know how to throw together the perfect party before you can even say “Moscato”! And no one will ever know how little time it took you.

First things first, you need a theme! Grab up the ideal theme for your dinner party from our Burger Parties Cookbook. We’ve got everything covered – appetizers, main course, dessert, and drinks too! And we haven’t even mentioned the best part – you can choose from any of our 16 crowd-pleasing menus.

You might be in a rush to put something simple together, so we’re prepared for that too! Browse our videos for all the tips you need to ensure a successful evening.

Sutter Home’s executive chef, Jeffrey Starr, has got any advice you might need to ensure the happiness of your guests, your fiancé, and (most importantly) yourself! Any other pairing recommendations you need can be found on our website. With all of the flavors and varieties that we offer, your guests will start feeling quite chummy pretty quickly.

To start off your evening, make sure you’ve got a couple of champagne flutes for the toast. And here’s a fun idea for some summery sippin’ – mix together peach nectar, white zinfandel, crushed ice, a splash of sparkling water and a sprig of mint – this is a perfectly delicious toasting option!

When gourmet burgers are this simple, summer fun is a cinch!

So fire up that grill, put on your best dress and dance the night away! ‘Cuz with all of our easy solutions, you’ll have plenty of time to have fun!

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