Lucky New Year’s Day Recipes — and the Sutter Home Wine to Enjoy Them With

Lucky New Year’s Day Recipes — and the Sutter Home Wine to Enjoy Them With

For many families throughout the country and around the world, eating a “lucky” meal on the first of January is said to bring good fortune in the months ahead and ensure a prosperous start to the New Year. Whether you’re superstitious or not, this delicious tradition is one we can get on board with — especially when these fortuitous foods pair perfectly with Sutter Home wine.

Our Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc is a wine like no other — and a perfect way to welcome 2017. Lively and inviting, this all-purpose wine puts forth honeydew melon and passion fruit aromas before ending with a bit of spice. A food friendly varietal, it’s no wonder why we love the idea of pairing it with traditional New Year’s Day dishes.

Take, for example, cooked collard greens. In the Southern United States, it’s believed that the more greens you eat, the bigger your fortune will be in the coming year. Being a veggie friendly varietal, Sauvignon Blanc is certainly a fortunate match for this traditional fare.

Serving black-eyed peas for the New Year is a tradition that dates back to Civil War times in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This sleepy Southern town ran out of food in the midst of battle until the residents discovered rations of this lucky legume. From then on, black-eyed peas were considered a sign of luck.

Another dish believed to be lucky, pork signifies wealth and prosperity thanks to its richness and fat content. Bright and balanced Sauvignon Blanc pairs nicely with this rich, savory meat.

Do you have any New Year’s Day traditions or good-fortune meals you like to prepare?

Share your good-luck foods in the comments below!

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