Feel-Good New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do Every Day

Feel-Good New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do Every Day

Every year, millions of Americans embrace the New Year with lofty goals and towering resolutions. But setting a New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to mean a major lifestyle overhaul. This year, set yourself up for success with attainable goals that come from the heart and inspire you to be better, each and every day. Keeping our resolutions simple and thoughtful will make a big difference throughout the year, and at the end of December, you’ll have a lot to reflect on.

Not sure where to start? Try out a few of these feel-good resolutions to keep you on track in the New Year.

View the proverbial wine glass as half full. 

Life is all about perspective, and starting the year on a positive note can set the tone for the year ahead. Make sure your figurative wine glass is half full by reminding yourself that there is always something to learn — even when things go wrong. In the meantime, making sure your literal wine glass is also half full with Sutter Home couldn’t hurt, either!

Enjoy the little gifts life brings us every day.  

We’re always going on about how the little things matter — and it’s true. Sure, grand gestures are great, but stopping to appreciate the smaller things is really what it’s all about. Taking time to appreciate those little moments with a loved one or enjoying a family meal together can really add up at the end of the year.

Be kind to others, but also be kind to yourself.

We often go out of our way to do the right thing, help others out or give back to the community. But what about you? Taking care of yourself so you can take care of others is an important although often neglected resolution. We’re also quite often our own worst critics, and sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that we matter, too. Once a week, carve out some “me time” to enjoy a good book, a little treat, or a glass of Sutter Home wine.

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Ring in the New Year with DIY Party Kits & Sutter Home Bubbly