Get Ready to Rock with Wynonna & The Big Noise

Get Ready to Rock with Wynonna & The Big Noise

We think it’s fantastic that Wynonna Judd, and her husband, Cactus, dropped by our Sutter Home Vibe & Vine studio to share the news about their first ever band, and album, and tour together. Their new tour kicks off at the Genesse Theatre, on January 30th, and their new album is self-titled, Wynonna & The Big Noise, which drops on February 12th.

Wynonna & The Big Noise features 12 new and completely original songs. Songs that let her take her voice to new places. And according to Wynonna, it’s thanks to her husband, Cactus, who’s the band’s drummer and the producer of this album who’s responsible for inspiring Wynonna to step out of her comfort zone. You can tell how fiery she’s feeling when you hear her say things like, “I just got in the studio in front of that microphone and sang from my toenails. I let whatever came to me just fly.”

The album was produced in the home studio located on their idyllic family farm in Tennessee. All the songs have an autobiographical vibe, echoing personal stories, reflecting on a life made up of good and bad and fun times. Yes, lots of fun times. The authenticity emanating from Wynonna & The Big Noise conveys the incredible combination of soul-stirring, gusty blues and seventies-inspired country-pop, all brought home by Wynonna’s beautifully vulnerable and emotionally powerful voice.

Wynonna recently mentioned that they perform their music together with an attitude of gratitude. After meeting them both and hearing, Wynonna & The Big Noise — all of us at Vibe & Vine believe we’re the ones who should be grateful.

Wynonna & The Big Noise is being released by Curb Records in digital and physical, formats including vinyl and CD. You can pre-order both right now at

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