Clever Closet Tips for Spring

Clever Closet Tips for Spring

Sutter Home Lifestyle: Clever Closet Tips for Spring
The switch from a winter wardrobe to warm-weather attire is a welcome one. Take advantage of the change of seasons with these clever tips for sprucing up your closet this spring.
Review, Refresh and Seal
Closet looking a little overstuffed? Items in good condition that simply went unworn all winter are worthy candidates for donation. Clean any cold-weather clothes you choose to keep, especially sweaters and heavier knits, prior to hibernation. Vacuum-seal bags not only protect clothes until winter returns, but also save precious space.

Think Backwards
Next, try this trick: Any garments still on hangers should be turned backwards. After wearing an item, replace it on your closet rod so that it faces the front. At the end of the season, you’ll quickly know what clothing isn’t as loved as you might have thought. Also, avoid wire hangers, which can snag or otherwise damage fabrics.

Select the Perfect Accessory
Accessories can quickly become an unwieldy mess in any closet. Try hooks or discover other imaginative hanging solutions to display belts and scarves neatly. Bags and hats are best organized in a set of open-top boxes. Often just being able to better see what you have is like buying a totally new wardrobe!

Pour Over Your Decisions
Sprucing up your closet is more fun and feels less like a task with a glass of Sutter Home wine within easy reach. We suggest enjoying one of these four lighter varietals.

Have a great tip for getting your closet in shape for spring? Share yours in the comments below.

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