Cheers to our Top Regional Semifinalists!

Cheers to our Top Regional Semifinalists!

Chef’s hat off to another great year of delicious burgers! Since 1990, our Sutter Home Build a Better Burger contest has produced some of the best burger recipes out there. We plan to continue that tradition for years to come.

We all still believe that burgers are best accompanied by a glass of Sutter Home wine. Therefore, we can’t wait to award the grand prize winner, our top chef, very soon.

Like every year, we are honored to present to you our Build a Better Burger semifinalists with their recipes and Sutter Home wine pairings. Hope you savor them as much as we do.
Here they are:

Christopher Caston – Persian Mujadara Burgers
Kara Roxstrom – Bacon Mushroom Burger With Crispy Onions & Truffle Mayo
Tisha Sledd – Goat Cheese & Basil Stuffed Burger With Blackberry Cabernet BBQ Sauce & Crispy Onion Strings
Lauren Thornton – Bacon Jam Bison Burger
Kathleen McCarey – Plant-Based Greek Perfection
Debra Reich – The Drunken Burger
Sarah Grace Ralston – Via Napoli Burger
Teresa Cardin – Bella Burger With Strawberry Salad & Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Aioli
Keith Collins – Chicken Shawarma Burgers With Mediterranean Salad & Mint-Cucumber Yogurt Sauce
Chris Hiller – Lazio Valley Burger
Mary Bryant – Pizza Supreme Burger
Tiana Magdamo – Summer Strawberry Salad Burger
Chera Little – Char Siu Glazed Banh Mi Burgers With Pickled Carrots & Pork Pate
Donna Kelly – Massaman Style Thai Shrimp Burger
Belinda Breyer – Red White Black & Blue Burger
Gerry Vance – A Zinful Beef Burger
Darlene Buerger – Peanut Butter & Spicy Jelly Burger

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