Burgers in January? Why not!

Burgers in January? Why not!

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Did anyone happen to catch the Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network Sunday night? It was about burgers (and I think it’s been established as to how much I enjoy them) so I thought I would share my excitement.

Just as I was about to settle into my show, I noticed something a little familiar about two of the contestants…it was our own burger gurus Harold Cohen and Brigitte Nguyen, from the BBB!

Ha! I know it seems totally nerdy, but I still got very excited and had to call all of my friends and pointed out that I had met these two before. I felt extremely fancy.

Harold and Brigitte both came out to the winery in 2007 to compete in the Build a Better Burger contest that September. Harold prepared his Albuquerque Chicken Burgers with Jicama Slaw and Ancho Sour Cream while Brigette whipped up her Vietnamese Five-Spice Pork Burgers.

Both were also competing for the best alternative burger prize back in 2007. I found it slightly ironic that they were pitted against each other in another burger competition!

Both their recipes looked delicious. I was also extremely hungry. Poor idea watching a show about mouth-watering burgers at 11pm at night!! Talk about craving a midnight snack!

But I was still glued to my TV since I “knew” two of the four contestants.

For your viewing pleasure:

Harold Cohen grillin’ it up on URS

And I hope I’m not spoiling the ending here, but Harold won (!!!) The King of the Burger shares his thoughts

All this is serving as my preparation for burger season at the winery. It also happens to be my favorite time of year. Except for the fact that I have since moved to new digs and the “house rules” include no grilling on the balcony of any kind–gas or charcoal. I can’t believe I still moved there. Someone write my Congressman. Or invite me over. I’ll bring the recipes!

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