Turning the page

Turning the page

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Welcome to 2009!

I guess we all survived the holidays…doesn’t it seem like a lot of build up for something that quickly passes? Not that the holidays aren’t enjoyable, it’s just that I had seen holiday decor hit stores in early October. Good grief, I hadn’t even bought my Thanksgiving turkey yet! Now the stores are in full Valentine’s Day swing. Yowsers it’s hard to keep up!

That’s why my New Year’s Resolution is to resist all that and remember to take in little days that Hallmark may or may not have produced a card to celebrate. As I was driving home last night, the sun has just gone down and there were slivers of daylight left and as I pulled to a halt at a stop sign, I looked to my right (after looking to my left first and before I checked left again…I remember my driver’s handbook!) and saw a family riding those razor scooters, eeking out as much playtime outside as they could and I thought to myself, Self, that looks like a nice way to spend an evening, I’m slightly bummed I don’t have a scooter to join them then I thought that might be weird to scoot up to them (is that the right verb? Would one on a scooter scoot? Hm. Maybe.) and ask to join their family outing.

But I digress.

I often find myself skipping ahead in my calendar to see about my next holiday/vacation day and what kinds of things I can do to fill it. Then I remember the time that I told my dad, most likely on a Monday, that I wished it was Friday. His response: “Quit wishin’ your life away, kid!” [sigh] That was a pretty good pearl. So I’m going to remember the days in between don’t need to be jammed packed with whirlwind activities to make them count. Rather, I’m going to attempt to savor the little moments….which could actually help with Resolution #2, which is to save money. Who doesn’t have this one on their list this year? Hopefully if I’m not concentrating on big fancy things to fill my time, I will find what I like to call “cheap and elegant” methods for spending my time…aka take more walks (helps with Resolution #3: to exercise more-HA!) and to appreciate the joys of cooking (eating out is expensive!) and things of that nature.

I happen to also know of a certain wine company who makes delicious wines that are also within my newly-tightened budget. So, to quote Bill Murray’s character in the movie Caddyshack, “I got that going for me, which is nice.”

Also on my list of resolutions would be to reconnect with friends. I once read, I think in one of those “Life’s Little Instruction Books” that you should ‘never let good friends drift in and out of your life’ so I aim to catch up with those who I haven’t checked in with in a while. As a side note, I have found Facebook to be a very handy tool for this. I actually have cousins that I haven’t talked to in months and we tag each other in Facebook, which has opened the doors to more communication, thus mission accomplished!

While you’re checking out Facebook, I also recommend swingin’ on by the Sutter Home page, where we have news and notes about cool stuff going on (ie recipes, contests, events, etc). Friend us, we promise we’ll accept ūüėČ

And tell us what your resolutions are this year in our comments field at the bottom here. I am secretly hoping some of them are more exciting than mine. Like ‘go bungee jumping before 2010 rolls around’…I would definitely count that as exciting!

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