Meet Our Foodie Partners, Who Help Set the Table for Our Sutter Home  Build A Better Burger Events.

Meet Our Foodie Partners, Who Help Set the Table for Our Sutter Home Build A Better Burger Events.

All of us at Sutter Home Family Vineyards are grateful for the friendships and partnerships we’ve built over the years with all of our foodie sponsors who continue to help us make our Build a Better Burger Contest Event the best it can be every year.


Be the hero of every cookout! Blue Rhino propane is more than just fuel. It’s great moments around the grill and good times spent outdoors with friends and family. Sure, we sell propane. But Blue Rhino really is more than propane. Why, you ask? Let me count the ways. Our unique brand name is the most famous one in the business. It’s famous for a reason: more Americans know and trust the Blue Rhino brand than any other. Also, take a look at our production facilities. You’ll find state-of-the-art equipment, and people with years of expertise at work. We clean, leak-test, and inspect every tank. We retrofit tanks that have outdated components. And we requalify tanks when needed. Truth is, not every propane provider does all of that. Blue Rhino does, so you can grill with confidence. We also went green long before green became cool. We recycle millions of propane tanks every year, keeping them out of landfills. And propane is a clean-burning fuel. The U.S. government lists it as an alternative to other fossil fuels. Our famous brand can even be found on some other fun outdoor living products such as grills, barbecue accessories, and fire tables. We also give back. Blue Rhino sponsors Bowling for Rhinos, a rhino conservation charity. We also support Operation Barbecue Relief, a charity of competition chefs who grill for those affected by natural disasters. It’s not just propane. It’s Blue Rhino®


Cape Cod Potato Chips began as a dream of producing and selling kettle-cooked potato chips using a small-batch process that allows you to taste the true potato flavor. The distinctive crunch and hearty flavor became legendary among Cape Cod tourists and quickly spread to the rest of New England and beyond. What started as an 800-square-foot storefront location on West Main Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts is now sold in retail locations across the United States.


Since our humble beginnings in 1950 in a little town called Hilo on the “big island” of Hawaii, we have remained committed to quality, integrity, and Aloha Spirit. Our Original Hawaiian Sweet, Honey Wheat, and Savory Butter Dinner Rolls are perfect for any family meal, holiday celebration, or barbecue. Our breads now include Mini Sub Rolls, Hot Dog Buns, Hamburger Buns, and Deluxe Hamburger Buns. What started as a small bakery in Hilo, Hawaii is now a national brand with products available in grocery stores across the United States. And of course, there’s Aloha in every bite™.


Since 1952, Weber has been in the business of producing grills and grilling accessories that everyone can trust. Products that make them proud to stand in the backyard and grill for friends and family. Passion to create only the best runs deeps at Weber. With unwavering commitment to quality and detail, it is not a surprise that Weber is a global brand people aspire to attain. With the purchase of a Weber grill, you are not only promised a fantastic experience, you are delivered one. Check us out at for more information.

Need Inspiration for Your Burger Recipe and Wine Pairing? Meet Our Food Bloggers.

Build a Better Burger

Need Inspiration for Your Burger Recipe and Wine Pairing? Meet Our Food Bloggers.