Need Inspiration for Your Burger Recipe and Wine Pairing? Meet Our Food Bloggers.

Need Inspiration for Your Burger Recipe and Wine Pairing? Meet Our Food Bloggers.

Last year, we were excited to be having our crew of foodie bloggers sharing some great homemade burger recipes and wine pairings with you. They served up all kinds of one-of-a-kind recipes along with mouthwatering images. If you’d like to get to know our culinary crew, click on the links below and sink your eyes into all that they create.

Stay tuned for this year’s bloggers!

Marissa Allen:

Marissa Allen is the proud owner of The Cookie Society, a delectable online bakery established in 2018. Her blog, First & Full, is where Marissa delights in sharing recipes, many of which focus on “tailgating eats.” No surprise, as she has lots to say about enjoying life as an NFL wife. On occasion, Marissa will also reveal some of her defining moments as a mom.

Juliana Evans:

Juliana Evans is a Food Blogger whose heart belongs to desserts. She’s also a television food personality who’s been part of various shows like Food Network Spring Baking Championship, Cake Wars, and Good Morning America. Juliana’s blog, Graciously Sweet, features her award-winning recipes and her amazing life as a mom of four daughters, who are living on a 40-acre farm.

Vianney Rodriguez:

Vianney Rodriguez is an Award-Winning Food Blogger, Recipe Developer, and regular contributor to Southern Living and Parade Magazine. Vianney is also the Author of Latin Twist, a collection of nearly 100 fun and colorful delicious Latin-inspired cocktails. She loves to share her Sweet Life, while taking great pride in celebrating her life in South Texas, where she’s always inspired by the local food and colorful culture.

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