Build a Better Burger 2010 in YOUR house!

Build a Better Burger 2010 in YOUR house!

Yes, I said it, Build a Better Burger 2010 is coming to you. This year, Build a Better Burger is going to be so close to you that you will be able to smell the delicious burger aroma (almost). We’ll have fun videos from the cook-off on our YouTube channel, live tweeting with both @SutterHome and @BetterBurger, blog posts with all of the burger news in real-time, as well as posts on the Sutter Home and Build a Better Burger Facebook pages with the “what’s happening” with Build a Better Burger 2010!

Want to know what the judges are thinking? Well, I’ll tell ya. What about how the contestants are feeling? Yep, I’ll keep you updated on that too. And YOU will be the first (besides myself, of course) to know who wins the $100,000 grand prize!

And just so you know, I have been listening to all of your comments & ideas… so, as requested, this is for all of my friends whose burgers didn’t quite make it to the top 10. Just a few helpful tips for next year 😉 Cheers, burger lovers!

•First and foremost, read the rules…then read ‘em again about 10 more times.
•Be creative – think of a name that will get noticed…descriptive and creative names will catch the judges’ eyes.
•List ingredients in the exact order that they are used – our judges really appreciate you taking the time to make it easier on them!
•Call for each ingredient separately, don’t use phrases like “the next 4 ingredients”. This way, we know EXACTLY what your recipe needs and when.
•Make sure that everything is well-seasoned. Burgers just don’t taste as good when they’re under-seasoned.
•Our judges love fresh ingredients, so try to keep everything real fresh! (i.e. instead of using “garlic powder” use fresh garlic, etc.)
•Heat up your buns! It’s much more comforting to bite into a deliciously warm bun than one that’s cold.
•If you’re gonna suggest a wine pairing, make sure to use Sutter Home. You don’t have to mention Sutter Home at all, but it is a nice touch!
•Make sure that you’ve cooked your burger at least a couple dozen times (gotta have practice!) It’s always important to make sure that you really are prepared for that big day when it comes.

Now, choose your favorite contestant and then watch to see if they’ll win $100,000 on Thursday, September 23rd!

How are you preparing for Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger 2010 in Miami Beach?

The Sutter Home Kitchen is Heatin’ Up for BBB 2010!

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The Sutter Home Kitchen is Heatin’ Up for BBB 2010!