The Sutter Home Kitchen is Heatin’ Up for BBB 2010!

The Sutter Home Kitchen is Heatin’ Up for BBB 2010!

Or should I say, our kitchen was on fire. Figuratively, of course. Here are some in-action photos of our judges enjoying some of your tasty burger creations during the semi-finals round of Build a Better Burger 2010.

As you can see by the judge’s expressions, it really was a difficult decision. I mean, c’mon, could YOU pick just five of these amazing alternative burgers when they’re all so darn delicious? (Note how executive chef, Jeffrey Starr, is sipping on a glass of Sutter Home. Hmm… could this have been due to a suggestion from one of your gourmet recipes?)

Ah, the process of re-creating these beef-y burgers was almost as fun as eating them (almost, but not quite). Head judge, James McNair (on the left) is hard at work determining which of these gourmet burgers he prefers.

Here is a sort of “sneak peek” into what Build a Better Burger 2010 might look like, just add a few more scrumptious burgers, many more bottles of your favorite Sutter Home varietals, and plenty more smiling faces and satisfied stomachs.

Which of our talented contestants will you be rooting for during Build a Better Burger 2010?

Make sure to follow the contest on on September 23rd, 2010! We’ll bringing Build a Better Burger 2010 right to your computer screen with YouTube videos, Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts and more! So stay tuned.

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