Alternative Grilling

Alternative Grilling

The alternative finalists have gotten underway and I literally hopped a velvet rope into the cooking arena. (I guess the large camera made me look official because no one told me to get back!)

Region 1 Finalist Valerie Szlatenyi is putting together her swordfish burgers.

For the record, today wil be the first time I have never had swordfish. Luckily, I’m willing to take one for the burger team and try it. It’s a rough job, but someone needs to do it.

Alternative Finalist Susan Scarborough from Region 2 has to cook with a camera in her face. Just another day at the grill, right?

Lisa Huff from Region 3 was minding her own business when I decided that was a fine time to introduce myself. Poor woman. I’m sure she is stressed out enough with all the cameras and I decide that right then was a good time to put my face with my name? Nice. She took it in stride. I also made it brief and kept myself scarce after that.

Kathleen Stubler is getting down to business, forming patties for her burger. I’m intrigued by her piccalilli slaw. It sounds pretty darn tasty, if you ask me.

I haven’t gotten to taste and of these alternative burgers yet so you can understand why I’m starting to drool at the thought of them. Now there’s a visual! Yikes!

Sharyn Hill is our Region 5 finalist and her recipe is just fun to say, which I like to think translates into delicious-ness, right? (Go ahead, try it. The Olé Molé Chicken Burgers. See?)

I’m off to scope out the beef recipes…

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Angels can wear pink, can't they?

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Angels can wear pink, can't they?