Angels can wear pink, can’t they?

Angels can wear pink, can’t they?

The temperatures are slowly starting to drop here in the Napa Valley and fall means a few things aroud the winery: harvest (that goes without saying), Build a Better Burger and Sutter Home for Hope.

Since everyone is pretty much up to speed with BBB insert shameless plug here: we will be live blogging from the contest on Saturday, September 27! we should also mention that Sutter Home for Hope is in full swing.

SHFH is our annual fight against breast cancer and it deserves some special love because it’s a cause that is near and dear to us. About 8 years ago, Vera Trinchero Torres was diagnosed with this horrific disease. Vera is one of the winery owners and members of the Trinchero family. She is the nicest lady. Imagine, if you would, that cool, funny great aunt who is quick-witted (we all have one, you know it’s true) and is the life of the party? I kinda think of Vera that way. She shares jokes from the paper in the mornings and funny anecdotes that keep me laughing. But I digress.

So 8 years ago, Vera got word that she had breast cancer. Luckily, Vera is healthy today but that is because she was diagnosed early on and got treatment right away.

In honor of Vera and all of the women in our lives that have had to endure that horrible disease, we have Sutter Home for Hope. We have our Capsules for Hope program where you guys help us raise money for research and treatment, in addition to various programs all across the country.

Well, as a “kick off” of sorts for SHFH, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim honored a few breast cancer survivors before their Saturday night game against the Seattle Mariners. Special props to City of Hope for their help putting this event together. Between them and those within the Angels camp, it was an awesome afternoon. We got to go on the field (!!!) and naturally, I took a ton of pics of our pink warriors.

Here’s us on the field:

Congrats to the following ladies and cheers to being cancer-free (from left to right):

Elva Vivieros; 3 Years
Deanna Renna; 3 Years, 6 Months
Teresa Garduno; 5 Years 5 Months
Renee Congote; 6 Years
Lorraine Ortiz; 8 Years
Joan Smith; 8 Years
Pat Meyer; 15 Years
Joanne Gomez; 23 Years

This is the closest I have ever gotten to being on the jumbo-tron:

And because it was pretty cool moment, here’s the exact moment that Francisco Rodriguez broke the single season save record:

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The Finalists are announced!

Build a Better Burger

The Finalists are announced!