5 DIY Wedding Ideas for Wine Lovers

5 DIY Wedding Ideas for Wine Lovers

Fresh flowers are blooming, love is in the air, spring colors are in store and … the bride is in countdown mode. Wedding season is upon us. Planning a wedding can be expensive, emotional, and stressful, but it’s important to remember the real reason you’re tying the knot – your love for one another.

We put together a few fun ways to save on your wedding day. Not only are they budget-friendly, these homemade wedding décor ideas add a sweet, personal touch to your wedding. So gather your girlfriends, pull out the craft supplies, and get pouring to save big on wedding décor.

5 simple yet romantic ways to decorate on a dime with wine corks and bottles:

  1. Mini Bottle Favors – Make your special day even more memorable with custom wine labels that will leave you and your guests with the perfect memento. Visit for free personalized labels for your Sutter Home bottles.
  2. Cork Place Cards – For this DIY, all you’ll need are corks, a craft knife, paper, a paper cutter, and pen. Cut your paper down to your desired size and handwrite a guest’s name on each card. Slice the cork lengthwise and insert each name card in a cork.
  3. Table numbers – Similar to the place cards, you’ll need corks, a craft knife, glue, paper, and pen. To add a rustic look, include twine to tie the corks together. Glue (or tie) three corks together, slice the cork across the top, and insert each table number in a set of corks.
  4. Wine bottle seating charts – Gather enough empty wine bottles to match your number of tables. Use a paint pen to write the table number and a guest’s name on each bottle. Drop a few flowers in the bottles, and voila – your guests will find their seats in no time!
  5. “Thank You” photo ​– Two empty wine bottles, spray paint, and a paint pen are all it takes to tell your guests “thank you” for helping us celebrate our big day. Write “thank” on one bottle and “you” on the next, then take a photo holding the bottles on your wedding day, and your thank-you cards will be a breeze.
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