Wine, Books and Good Friends

Wine, Books and Good Friends

Wine, Books and Good Friends…Who could ask for anything more?

We’re all guilty of it: You keep telling yourself that you’re going to make the time to start reading again. You’ll finally put down the magazine and stick your nose in a book that will really get your intellectual side in gear. Well, here’s a little tip to get you started: Check out Sutter Home’s Wine and Reading Society.

It’s easy – Just grab some of your closest friends, pick a place to meet once a month, and get to reading. We’ll do the rest, with wine pairings, recipes, discussion questions, and more. So why wait? This month is the perfect time to finally crack open the books, because October’s Book Club readis a MUST. The Recipe Clubis a fun read about two friends who have their ups, their downs and their in-betweens. This “novel cookbook” combines an authentic story of friendship with over 80 delicious recipes. Click here to read more.

Out of all of the mouth-watering recipes that main characters, Lily and Val, share with you, I would recommend cooking up some “Forgiveness Tapenade” complete with warm pita, yum. And to top off the literary discussion, serve up a “Conspiracy Apple Pie” for dessert and grab a bottle of Sutter Home Gewürztraminer. This flavorful combination is sure to get your chatty juices flowing at your next book club soiree. Here’s something a little nostalgic to get you excited about starting your very own book club: What is your favorite book of all time?

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