Wine 101: Which Opener is Best for You?

Wine 101: Which Opener is Best for You?

Wine openers, corkscrews, wine keys, gimme-the-wine-already openers…Some are cute, some are functional, some are both. Which one is right for you?

Server openers: These are probably the most common. If you want to purchase one of these, be sure to look for the double hinged type for better leverage when pulling out that cork. These are easy to find, easy to pack in a picnic basket, easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Lever openers: These openers are fairly commonplace these days. They make opening a bottle of wine almost as easy as a screw cap! Almost no arm strength is needed to use one of these which makes them a great option for many people.

Cork-pull openers: These have gone by the wayside these days, probably because they are a bit more difficult to use. Screw it in, and push the arms down and your cork will come right out – usually.

For a comprehensive review of wine bottle openers, check out this great article from Consumer Search.

Which wine opener is your favorite?

What to Do with All Those Corks

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