Wine 101: Moscato

Wine 101: Moscato

Whether light and refreshing or rich and full-bodied, there is a wine varietal for every occasion. We know that wading through wine lingo and choosing the right wine for you can sometimes be mystifying tasks. Luckily, we are here to help!

Welcome to Wine 101: Moscato

What is it Moscato is a classic, fragrant, light-bodied dessert wine made from the Muscat grape. Sutter Home has been producing this wine for over 50 years!

Where is it from Our Moscato is made from grapes grown in the Central Valley of California, where the days are warm but the marine layer comes in at night to cool the grapes just enough to make this a great wine-growing region.

What does it taste like Moscato has flavors of sweet, creamy peaches and honeydew melon. It is well-balanced, with good acidity and a lingering finish.

What does it smell like Moscato has aromas of creamy white peaches, rose petals, and lychee fruit.

When to drink it Moscato is perfect before your meal, as your dessert, or paired with dessert. But really, it’s the perfect wine for sipping anytime you are craving something sweet!

What to pair it with Enjoy it with fruit, light cheeses, sorbets (strawberry, peach, pear, or apple), and other light desserts. It can also be paired with spicy Thai or Cajun entrees.

(Check out our Food and Wine Pairing series to learn more about wine pairings for all our varietals!)

Fun fact: Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat! The Muscat grape is believed to be the ancestor from which all grapes descended.

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