What’s the Best Wine for your Super Bowl Party?

What’s the Best Wine for your Super Bowl Party?

A few years ago that question might have made people chuckle. Not anymore. This probably isn’t news to you. You saw those two big guys clinking flutes after the touchdown the other day. And your eyes weren’t deceiving you.

In fact, according to Nielsen, of all the major sports leagues, football fans had the largest average increase in wine spending this year – up nearly 60% over last year per household with at least one fan.

In light of that sort of spike, “what’s the best wine for my Super Bowl party?” is absolutely a legit question.

The answer? As you probably know – its all about the food you’re planning to serve.

If you’re planning on grilling up burgers during the game, you should spend a minute on Sutter Home’s Burgerbase. There are over 5,000 gourmet burger recipes compiled there, and the site will help you decide what wine to serve with your game-time creations.

In general, fuller, darker reds like Sutter Home’s Merlot pair best with most burgers. But if you’re feeling frisky enough to serve Chicken Oriental Burgers with Grilled Shitake, our White Zinfandel would be a better bet.

Keep in mind that a lot of football fans prefer wine with snacks, so having a couple of light to medium bodied wines that pair well with a wide variety of nibbles – like a Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet Sauvignon – is a good idea.

For additional tailgating tips and recipes, visit our Tailgating Home.

Go team!

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