Welcome to Miami!

Welcome to Miami!

Yes, you heard me correctly, we’re going to Miami, wine and burger lovers! We are taking the biggest and most delicious burger competition ever and bringing it to paradise.

And what better time to switch things up than for our 20th anniversary? Twenty years of burger-lovin’ fun – now that’s a LOT of grilling…grilling that is very near and dear to my little heart (and stomach – yum)! And of course, because we’re so darn excited about all of the burger madness that will be going on in September, we decided to make it just a little bit bigger and little bit better this year.

Now that you’re in on our little secret, the only thing left for you to do is wait for the announcement that YOUR burger was the BEST burger (or at least in the top 10, right?). And while you’re waitin’…why not keep on telling us about all of your burger secrets?

Make sure to follow Build a Better Burger on Twitter, Sutter Home on Twitter, and of course the Sutter Home and Build a Better Burger Facebook pages. What better way is there to keep in touch? Plus, you get the bonus of finding things out first (I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?)

Now, before I head out, answer me this:

What are you gonna be bringin’ to Miami with you this year? (besides your grilling hands)

Cheers, wine and burger lovers!

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We’ve got a Juicy Secret!

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We’ve got a Juicy Secret!