Time to play “What’s My Wine?” The New Sutter Home Wine Tasting Game.

Time to play “What’s My Wine?” The New Sutter Home Wine Tasting Game.

We all know the name of our favorite Sutter Home Wines, yet how well do we really know their taste? You’ll sure have fun finding out when you play our new blind wine tasting #game, “What’s My Wine?” It’s the perfect entertainment for together time with friends who love wine and want to discover more about it. Follow these Sutter Home tips to creating a fun and memorable evening playing “What’s My Wine?”

Pick Up Your favorite Sutter Home Wines:

  • Organize the wine tasting so your guests move from whites to reds.
  • Invite your guest to bring their own favorite wines as well.

Blinding Your Wine:

  • Wrap each wine bottle in either aluminum foil or a brown paper bag. Use tape or rubber bands to secure it in place. Label them A,B,C…and so on.

Keep Your Palate and Senses Clean:

  • Rinse palate with water between tastings.
  • Serve bread or light finger foods on the side.
  • Select cheese that pairs with both red and white wine.
  • Tell your guests not to wear perfume, cologne, or drink coffee, prior to tasting.  (Aroma gives the best hints in blind wine tasting.)

Surprise Your Guest with Prizes:

  • We don’t know your friends so that’s up to you.

Alright, now you’re ready to uncork the fun pour and play our new “What’s My Wine?” game. Let’s see if you can call out your favorite Sutter Home Wines.

It’s a wonderful way to catch up with all your favorite people, and share in your favorite Sutter Home Wines.

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Come on in and make yourself at home. Please just verify that you’re 21 years of age or older.

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