Three Cheers for Summer Chardonnay!

Three Cheers for Summer Chardonnay!

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Summer is winding down and the first day of school is not-so-slowly creeping up…let the whirlwind begin! The upcoming autumn season means one thing around wine country: harvest is right around the corner!

Soon our little corner of the world will be a buzz of activity but in the mean time, before our winemakers begin their 16+ hour days (no joke– they will actually pick grapes into the wee hours of the morning since the grapes are at their coolest “at rest” insert the irony here that the grapes get rest while those picking said grapes?…Not so much) might we suggest slowing it down a bit and eeking out that last little taste of summer? You know the taste. Its a lemon, a pear, an apple, and a peach–good summer fruits and the best flavors…in liquid form!

Some (us included) have a name for that essence of summer. We call it Chardonnay. Chilled to an enjoyable 45 (or so) degrees, if we have it our way.

Our winemakers strive to perfect their craft and the sign of a quality bottle of wine is when you can taste the land from which it comes. We’re not talking dirt here. We’re talking juggling the flavors of the orchard, mixing with a smooth cream (think citrus sorbet–yum!). Our Sutter Home Chardonnay is the perfect example of that. Lotsa ripe summer fruit flavors, all in balance, and the perfect way to end a (not-so) lazy summer day.

Go wine country-style and set out a spread of various cheeses to enjoy with your glass. Not sure which cheese to pick? Chard has lots of cheesey friends. Check out these selections:
Gimme tried and true: Cheddar, Baby Swiss
I’m feelin’ adventurous: Gruyere, Gouda
I wanna impress the guests: Brie de Meaux, Chèvre

Remember this rule of thumb: generally, Chardonnays that are more oaky tend to be less cheese-friendly. Rest assured, we have tested our SH Chard and it makes for a lovely compliment to the cheeses mentioned above. Hey, it’s a rough job but someone’s gotta do it! 😉

So sit back and sip lazily 🙂

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