The State of the Burger Union

The State of the Burger Union

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Hello Burger fans! I know you are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of the finalists! (Are you even reading this part or are you just scrolling down to look for names?? 😉 )

Here is where we stand, currently:

10 POTENTIAL Finalists have been notified via email/USPS mail etc. We are currently waiting to hear back from (some of) those 10 potential finalists. The potential finalists must sign affidavits and paperwork declaring that the burger recipe is their own work, they are eligible based on the rules (state and otherwise) etc., prior to being announced as a finalist. These affidavits are due back to Sutter Home by August 26, although if we get them all back and our legal team approves them, we can give out names and recipes sooner.

As soon as the Sutter Home legal team has reviewed and verified the affidavits, we will post the 10 Finalists and their winning recipes on the website. Meanwhile, those Potential Finalists are sworn to secrecy and can not reveal their status.

To those who have not been notified…despair not! A potential finalist may choose not to participate or there may be a restriction that could prevent them from participating, in which case we will be contacting an alternate potential finalist.

So stick close, because as soon as we have all the paperwork turned in and approved, you can bet your spatula we will get those names and recipes up pronto!

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