The Judges are Ready to “Grill” Christina!

The Judges are Ready to “Grill” Christina!

Christina is now presenting her “Bengali Blaze Burgers” to our fabulous judges.

During grad school, Christina learned to use Indian spices not only to add flavors to dishes (which she obviously does very well) but also as healing techniques. (She’s a nurse AND she can cook…she really can do it all.)

Judge Jeffrey Starr was excited about this burger just by reading the ingredients, before even trying this recipe! So you can imagine how excited he is to try this burger re-creation.

Judge, Fran Carpentier, says that she LOVES the choice of bread and that the patty is deliciously moist. Sounds like the judges have all good things to say!

What do you think of Christina’s Bengali Blaze Burgers?

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