The Best of Flavors for the Best of Friends: Sangria and Tapas

The Best of Flavors for the Best of Friends: Sangria and Tapas

Sangria Pairings

The party’s in the bottle! Our Sangria takes a California-style spin on the traditional Spanish libation, making it the perfect combination of both worlds. And for a gathering with all kinds of guests, it’s the perfect way to please them all. Here’s to a fusion of flavor and friends!

Discover the tastes that inspire us, or get creative in the kitchen with your own pairings. Which plate will get polished off first?

  • Paella with a Twist: Play around with the flavors of paella to bring a different twist to this Spanish classic. Asian flavors such as kimchee or Louisiana-style jambalaya are great ways to toss it up!
  • Avocado Crostini: Crunchy and creamy, this simple go-to can be jazzed up with roasted red peppers and lemon zest, or enjoyed in its simplest form with salt and pepper. Party guest swears she only had two? Take it with a grain of salt.
  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings: Need we say more? To kick your next batch of wings up a notch, play with sweet and spicy ingredients such as honey and cayenne.
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