Swing Into Summer With Good Friends, Good Conversation, and Sutter Home Wine

Swing Into Summer With Good Friends, Good Conversation, and Sutter Home Wine

Porch swings and summer, leisure, relaxation, and simple living. Nothing makes you feel more at home than taking the time to chill out, lie back, and let the cool summer breeze make your smile grow wider.

The next time you’re looking through your family album — or anyone else’s — notice how many pictures were taken on somebody’s front porch. It’s a place that has been front and center on our houses, and in our hearts, for centuries. We’ve spent many hours of our lives there, but not many people know the origins of the great American front porch.

Although the first versions of the porch can be traced to prehistoric times, when overhanging rocks were used for shelter, its name comes from the Latin, porticus, and the Greek, portico, which described a cathedral’s vestibule, where worshippers gathered to socialize after services.

By the Victorian era, the porch was a standard feature on houses. Sort of an outside family room, it was a place for discussions, stories, games, and songs. The porch also fostered a sense of community, encouraging interaction with neighbors, who would often stop to visit. At Sutter Home we believe in taking the time to connect with one another to share in the joyful moments of life.

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