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Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Pinot Noir

Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Pinot Noir

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This week’s Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series features Pinot Noir. Did you know that Pinot Noir is the most widely planted red grape in Germany There it is known as Spatburgunder! So if you want to impress (or confuse) your friends at your next get together, be sure to announce that you brought the Spatburgunder!

With aromatic layers of raspberry and violet and flavors of berry jam, Sutter Home Pinot Noir makes the perfect pairing for lamb kebabs, roasted seasonal vegetables, fettuccine Alfredo, Parmesan chicken, BBQ chicken pizza, traditional pork chops, seared beef tenderloin and Cajun-blackened sea bass.

Burger pairing: Cranberry Apple Walnut Burger

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Wine Wednesday Rule #7

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