Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Ingredients

Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Ingredients

Sutter Home Wines are delicious on their own, paired with food, family & friends. Sometimes, the occasion calls for something a little more and that’s where our Sutter Home wine cocktails come in! Shake up something new!

Let’s talk ingredients.

The base of all of our cocktails are, of course, Sutter Home Wine. We have so many varietals to choose from and each one offers so many cocktail options. The sweeter wines tend to be easier to work with but with the right mix, all of our varietals will work. Tip: If you want to test things out, our Sutter Home 187ml mini bottles are perfect for cocktails! They give you the opportunity to test out different drinks without opening an entire bottle. Unless of course you want to use a few ounces for a cocktail then enjoy the rest!

Some examples of mixers are orange juice, mango juice, sweet & sour mix, club soda, lemon-lime soda, cola, and really anything else you enjoy. Try different proportions of wine to mixer to find the perfect mix. Tip: Start with 1 ounce (a little less than a shot glass) of your mixer to 2 – 3 ounces of wine. You can always adjust from there – add more if you want the mixer flavors to pop!

Some garnishes are used for decoration and some are used for flavor & decoration. If you’re using orange juice, let’s say, for the mixer in your cocktail, your garnish can be an orange wheel (cut as a circle), a thin wedge, or a twist (just the peel!). If your orange-y cocktail needs a little bit of zing, try adding the juice of one lime wedge & garnish with a lime! Tip: Slice up fruit for garnishes before you make cocktails. You can add squeezes of different citrus fruits as you go along until you get the flavor you’re looking for.

Shaking up cocktails shouldn’t be intimidating – just get your favorite Sutter Home wine, your favorite mixers & garnishes and start playing with the amounts. In no time you’ll have custom concoctions perfect for entertaining – and our contest!

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Splash of Sparkle

~3 oz. Sutter Home Sweet White
~1 oz. white rum
~1 oz. sparkling water
~1 tsp. lemon juice
~Float of Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato
Shake Sutter Home Sweet White, rum & lemon juice together with ice. Pour into a champagne flute and add sparkling water. Slowly pour a float* of Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato on top. Cheers!

(*To float the Bubbly Moscato at the top of the glass, pour it very slowly and most of the Bubbly will float on top of the other ingredients.)

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