Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Bar Tools!

Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Bar Tools!

Interested in learning how to make a cocktail Here’s a few necessities you need to get started:

1. Shaker: You need this to mix all your ingredients together, and it also cools your cocktail quicker. Depending on what cocktail you’re making, you should shake between 5-10 seconds, and don’t be shy, put some power into it!

2. Jigger: This is used to measure the liquor before you pour it into the shaker. The amount is usually equal to a shot glass, though you can find different sizes.

3. Bar Spoon: Have you ever seen those really long spoons with the decretive handles That’s what you need! Bar spoons are used to mix and layer alcohol and their length allow them to reach the bottom of any glass.

4. Strainer: Allows you to pour the drink in a glass without the ice. Before you buy one make sure to check your shaker (some have build in strainers.) Also use ice cubes because crushed ice can clog the strainer.

5. Muddler: Used to mash fruits, herbs etc. at the bottom of a glass to add flavor to the drink. Come on, that just sounds like fun!

Now that you have the basics you should be all set to start mixing when we launch the Sutter Home Cocktail contest this Thursday!

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