Sutter Home Social Hour: White Wine Tasting Party

Sutter Home Social Hour: White Wine Tasting Party

It’s official – springtime is here! Celebrate the freshness of a new season by enjoying our crisp and refreshing white wines. For this month’s Social Hour, explore Sutter Home’s sweet and flavorful white wines by throwing a blind wine tasting party. If it’s not raining out, maybe you can even make it a garden party—sweet!

Tell your friends to bring over a bottle of their favorite Sutter Home White Wine—just make sure everyone brings something different so you have multiple kinds of wine to taste. You can provide any of the wines that they don’t bring. And don’t worry if there’s duplicates, you can always enjoy the extra wine later! 


Party Set Up

A couple hours before everyone arrives, set up a ‘tasting station’. This will be where everyone gathers and tastes each wine. You can even set out a secret prize for the person who guessed all varietals correctly.

Once your guests arrive, secretly place their bottles in cute bags and assign each bottle a number. Serve appetizers for people to enjoy in between different wines. Pass out cute printable notes where everyone can keep track and score all the wines. Make sure to have at least one glass of wine for everyone and rinse in between tastes.

Tally up the results and see which Sutter Home White varietal was the crowd favorite!


About the Wines

Chardonnay — Multifaceted, this wine has a delicious taste. A favorite!

Chenin Blanc — This mild wine is bright and crisp. A hot-weather go-to!

Gewurztraminer — Easier than the name suggests! This wine is spicy and sweet.

Moscato — A creamy wine, with peach-like notes. It’s a sweet one!

Pinot Grigio — Floral all around, this wine is like a bouquet. It’s so lovely!

Riesling — Very satiny wine with lush, fruity fragrances. Blissful!

Sweet White — Boasts light and delicate sweetness. A delight!

Sauvingnon Blanc — An easy wine, packed with tons of fruity flavors. Sip well!



To see more cute ideas to add to your blind tasting party, visit our Sutter Home Social Hour Pinterest Board!

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