Sutter Home Social Hour: Movie Night

Sutter Home Social Hour: Movie Night

Aaaaaand, ACTION!

Award season is here! Which means there are so many great movies to catch up on. Since it’s cold and wintery outside, invite all your friends over for a cozy, movie marathon. 

We suggest you pick five of last year’s top movies that are nominated for awards. Before the day of your movie marathon party, have your guests cast their vote for their top choice. Pick the top three films that get the most votes. Announce your movie line-up (two or three movies in one day is likely enough!) and the times that you’ll be showing each one. If someone has already seen one of the selections they can plan to come for the movies they haven’t already seen. Space the movies out over an afternoon and evening, so guests have time to digest, discuss each movie, stretch their legs and refill their wine glasses. 

Ask your guests to bring a snack to share. You can provide the Sutter Home wine and some tasty flavors of popcorn. We suggest serving Sutter Home Pinot Noir—because it’s always an easy crowd-pleaser. See our “Sutter Home Social Hour” Pinterest board for ideas on popcorn recipes!

Still hankering to see more award-nominated movies? Make it a weekly gathering! You don’t have to watch all of them in one day—plan to watch one and get-together next week to watch the others on your list.

Visit our Pinterest board “Sutter Home Social Hour” for more ideas on great activity ideas for your and your friends! 


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