Sutter Home Social Hour: Adventure with Mini Bottles

Sutter Home Social Hour: Adventure with Mini Bottles

Springtime has officially begun! Now that the winter chill is fading away and the sun has come out to play, it’s time to grab a mini bottle and go!

Social Hour is all about sharing mini adventures, laughter, and moments with your closest friends. Whether it’s at the beach, a park, or even in your backyard, get everyone together for a picnic. Make the most of your moments and add mini bottles for everyone!

Here are three great ways to enjoy a mini picnic with Sutter Home mini bottles.

Picnic at the Park


Picnicking at the park is a simple and easy way to have a fun afternoon with friends. Provide cheese and crackers as an appetizer and a variety of wrapped sandwiches that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Have everyone bring a blanket and their favorite game. Your day will be filled with fun and laughter. Don’t forget the picnic basket filled with Sutter Home mini bottles!


A Day at the Beach

Sun and sand go hand in hand like mini bottles and adventure. To have an easy and stress free beach picnic, remember that less is more. Ditch the standard picnic blanket and bring a colorful and light tablecloth for easy clean up. Pack light, refreshing snacks like a melon salad or Mediterranean wraps. Enjoy a day of fun in the sun by playing football, frisbee, or even beach volleyball. Make sure everyone has sunscreen and a mini bottle in hand!


Backyard Picnic

If you don’t have time to trek to a park or the beach, have a picnic in your own backyard! Since you’ll be in the comfort of your own home, this is a perfect opportunity to grill some chicken tacos with corn on the cob. Transform your backyard: set up tables and put out picnic baskets to set the mood. Since you’re hosting, have everyone bring their favorite four pack of Sutter Home mini bottles and watch the fun unravel.


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