Sutter Home for Hope: Show you care

Sutter Home for Hope: Show you care

Showing you care by joining the fight against Breast Cancer has never been easier. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and at Sutter Home we are honored to be a part of the fight against breast cancer. Since 2001, Sutter Home for Hope has raised more than $900,000 to support this worthy cause, and although much progress has been made, there is still much to do—including providing support for those going through treatment. When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, they need your encouragement more than ever. So how can you help? Be there for your friend, family member or coworker in these simple but meaningful ways.

Become an Expert Listener
Many people fret about what they should say to loved ones fighting cancer, but oftentimes it’s less about talking and more about listening. As a friend and confidant, you can help ease their burden by allowing them an outlet to unload their fears, questions and concerns, and also share their hopes and wishes.

Focus on the Little Things
A lot can change for patients undergoing treatment. From endless doctor appointments to medicines and surgeries, the simple pleasures of life can often get pushed to the side. Help restore some normalcy by bringing back the moments you once shared together. Renting movies on a Friday night, sharing a meal, playing a board game—whatever it is, spending time doing something fun together can be truly worthwhile.

Get Involved
Raising awareness, securing donations, and supporting research and breast cancer education are all ways to help make a difference in the lives of loved ones. Perhaps someone you know is trying make a difference themselves while undergoing treatment. Support them and their efforts by volunteering to help with their charity website, social media or fundraising events. 

Want to get involved today? National Breast Cancer Foundation provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, MyNBCF online support community and breast cancer research programs. For more information or to make a donation, please visit Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with Sutter Home for Hope.

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