Summer’s the best time to enjoy burgers and wine poolside!

Summer’s the best time to enjoy burgers and wine poolside!

Of course we know you’ve been to about 101 pool parties since the start of the summer and probably enjoyed many more glasses of wine and obviously your grill has been heated up quite a few times, but whoever said you can’t do it all? (I know I’ve incorporated a little vino and water splashin’ fun into my summers at least a few times.)

Well, of course it sometimes seems like relaxing by the pool while enjoying a delicious meal may not go hand-in-hand, but we know how to spice up your summer while still kickin’ it poolside. (It’s integration time, baby!!)

In order to really take advantage of cooling off from the hot summer sun, try a lighter and leaner burger, like one of our turkey burgers. A turkey burger will satisfy your palate and fill your stomach without overdoing it, so that you can take a cool-down dip right after that delicious meal.

Turkey burgers go great with our food friendly wines, like our Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. Or, if you have some red wine fanatics, sip on our Merlot with your pool party-goers.

The key to a blow-out, burger bashin’ pool party is to satisfy all of your cravings. Here are some things you may want to stock up on:

-A variety of Sutter Home wines (so you have a great selection for your guests to choose from)
-Bite-sized 187 mL bottles (these are perfect for the pool AND your guests can try all sorts of delicious flavors)
-Plastic wine glasses (to prevent any unwanted mishaps)
-Any ingredients for your burger you may need (check out the Burgerbase for this one)
-A variety of burger toppings (avocados? cheese? bacon? Let your guests build their own gourmet burger)
-Some floats for your guests to lounge on (think colorful noodles, perfect for floating and relaxing in the pool)
-And (of course) sunscreen!

With all of these delectable goodies, the aroma of your gourmet burgers being grilled, and the sound of your friends having a BLAST, your neighbors may try and squeeze their way into the fun.

All of this pool party fun is making me wanna grab my floatie and get to the water ASAP.

What’s your “must have” for pool time fun?

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